Saturday, May 5, 2012

bielutine, in the garden of time

Nina and Ely are growing old peacefully in their apartment in Moscow, secluded in the middle of a hundred or so paintings by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Velazquez, Rubens…
With their crow and cats around them, Nina and Ely tell whoever is willing to listen the amazing and epic story of their collection: nobility, love of art, inheritance and resistance to power have, according to them, all played their part in building up this collection and preserving it through the history of Russia in the 20th century.
As their story unfolds, Nina and Ely overdo things somewhat, Nina and Ely get muddled up, Nina and Ely lose touch with reality.
Nina and Ely live in a fiction, a world that they invent every day, a world where it is not possible to distinguish between what is true and what is false.
A world where art and lies have gradually taken over from reality.

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